Stamp Sand Shores

by Gratiot Lake Road

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(free) 03:46


released April 13, 2012

Gratiot Lake Road is
Emaleigh Jensen
Ben Jensen
Matthew Radue
Tony Laux
Brian Hempel

Mandolin on Jerusalem and Eagle River Falls by Dan Haefs

Recorded and mixed by Bryan Thorne
at The Orpheum Theater and Above The Bridge Records

Mastered by Paul Kirby

Assistant Engineers
Paul Bristol, Bradley Ross, and Ian Bumgardner


all rights reserved



Gratiot Lake Road Newport News, Virginia

Gratiot Lake Road is the music of Emaleigh and Ben Jensen. (pronounced GRASH-it)

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Track Name: Freda
turn left then drive till the road ends
we’ll park above the old mine
rows of these lifeless old houses
where the streetlamps don’t shine

the sound of the waves on the shore
is haunting our dreams
above and below stars shine
and dance in the trees

on freda shore on top of my car
your hand clasped tight around your guitar
we’ll stay out all night just to watch the stars
and when the sun shines we’ll be so far
from home
Track Name: I-75
the yard was dimly lit that night
when we crept up into the yellow light
from the window

we left our footprints in the snow
then swept them up so that no one could know
we had survived

remember how you lit that match
then let it burn burn your fingers black
like my eyes

a hundred years of memories
and the children are asleep
up those wooden stairs
the neighbors they stare

we watch it burn to the ground

we drove up north and changed our names
you grew a beard i covered my face
with a grey scarf
and they stared
we couldn’t care

we’ll watch them burn
Track Name: Jerusalem
jerusalem righteous city holy mountain
where water rages black beneath
the moon and stars all beautiful and lonely
shouting out i only have
time to waste
on dark damp houses

a light shines bright
across the bay a sleepless city
marching to the pounding beat
of industry smokestacks rising up
and i kick off my shoes and now the
shots ring out
leaves are changing
red and green
so are we

spin me round the apple tree is ready
these boots are getting heavy
and the water calm beckons to our bodies
to churn it like the pools of bethesda
Track Name: Dollar Bay
dollar bay is taking bets
on when we’ll lose the road
and i’ve got money on tomorrow
i’ve got money for the show

show me what you mean by what
you say when we walk through
the downtown rage your fiery
sermons that blow smoke

we drive all night
watch the moon and stars take flight
to give way to the morning
but the skies have given warning
because the sun is spoolen up
inside a mason jar on my staircase

i will take my best guess
only if you’ll take my worst
in tamarack the people
are all lonely and rehearsed
where shadows billow up
on every side and ghosts unite
on sixth street’s a cathedral
built from fury and delight

i take delight
in everything you have done
wrong tonight
and the passengers are watching
and the engine’s slowly stopping
and you’re carving out my mind
and leaving it to die on M-26

change your mind for pocket change
and change your plans for me
and i will change my name for you
and i’ll tell of all i’ve seen
so watch your mouth and bite your tongue
and keep your fingers crossed
and maybe i will finally
break free of winter’s dross

but there’s a cost
everything has a cost
and the women that you loved before
well they’re out breaking down the door
and i’m sealing up my love inside a mason jar
for a brighter day
Track Name: Bishop Baraga
pray for mercy on this place
pray for mercy on this place
because the good lord’s coming
he’s raining down fire like at sodom
and he has turned his face

we come from homes that pray
we work most every day
we won’t worry about money someday
it’s all saved away
Track Name: Ann
candle flickers casting shadows on the wall
that shudder with each passing train
whose haunting bellows in the night
seem so lonely against this warm light

i can’t sleep for the thirst
and he can’t sleep for fear that life will move on without him
and you are somewhere else entirely
maybe you were once him and he was me

ann dear what you got on chicago
rows of homes and a beautiful name
streetlights made of whiskey
and that pretty song you shamed

sketching shadows on the wall with smoke and ink
as winter rages on
and i wonder when you’ll be home again
but tonight will spend alone again

snow is falling down outside in the city lights
and the living room is bright
with the coming night
and the promise of a better life
Track Name: Chicago
winter is cold and your grey eyes don’t help
my spine is bent your hair’s falling out i can tell

the train was late but we arrived on time
we sit and wait with your hand in mine or the other way about

we went to chicago to fall in love again
just off the train and you held your hands round my waist
and i stayed

the children are grown it’s just you and i
in silence we sit and sip on red wine then you laugh

fourteen flights of linoleum above
in this old hotel room i find i’m in love with you still

the city is made from smoke and old breath
built upon time and ashes with coals that glow red
Track Name: Horace Greeley
engine turns beneath my feet
my face is in my hands
and we are losing our heads
to find some peace in them
but the stitches are too loose
and they are coming out too soon
the sun will rise
the stars will go to sleep
the man in the moon
he will haunt your dreams
with bloody little pieces
of the you you used to be

now it’s you and me we drive so fast
watch the snow fall from the trees
the air’s so cold inside
these copper mines and factories
past the riverside and hills and lakes
and cites to the east we’ll be you and me

we will see what we’ve become
when the sun shines on the earth
clouds will melt away
with all the cities and their dirt
and the rats will be brought from their holes
stripped of their ties and skirts you’ll see

see the night it shines
so bright in all the skies
morning’s coming soon
to rest our weary eyes
but we’re clinging to the moon and stars
because we are children of the night
Track Name: Stanton Township
well you came from the north
and left the cold on my porch
you rented a room in my house
but you slept in my bed kissed me on the mouth

and we take what we gave and we deal what we were dealt
you set fire to old houses down by the canal

now the spring makes me cold
the snow turns black and as i am told
you turn to dust and blow away
the sky comes back all this darkness fades away

and my faith is leaving with you and my innocence is gone
with the wings you painted on my back
with charcoal from the flames you made

i’ll fly away
Track Name: Eagle River
that old green house
was making faces at me when i drove up
i called you out
and you said please don’t make me leave

but the landscape is all black and white
aside from your windows that shine so bright
to the east

you pulled the shades
but still i would not go
you locked the door
and i yelled louder still

because the landscape is all black and white
and the wind pulls so hard tonight
on the eaves

you called the clouds
on the telephone they brought snow
and the wind
swept me from my feet and took me home

in the distance your light fades
and i swear i could hear you say
it’s all your fault
Track Name: Cole's Creek Road
the colours on cole’s creek road
are more beautiful than any van gogh or picasso
locked up in a museum somewhere
behind all that glass

and autumn did her best
with the colours in her new paint set but i know
winter will come and he’ll
take it away with one breath from his mouth

leaves fall on this gravel road
from trees tall trees that grow much taller
than towers in some far off land
like new york or chicago

and waves crash on stamp sand shores
because this time of year gitche gumee roars and tosses
and turns on her bed sheets
while the north winds blow and sing her waves to sleep

and no one knows

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